01. Introduction


Happy to announce my NEW ALBUM “Relentless”, along with the singles “Here I stand” and “Peace of mind”. The music dug deep with influences from the heavy rock acts of the 70´s, 80´s and 90´s blended with modern sound and riffs. Order the album HERE

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Read more about the record, lyrics and the musicians which are involved in the project.

02. Ulf “Uffe” Andersson

Ulf “Uffe” Andersson was born in Jönköping 1967 but grew up in Bohuslän. He started to sing and play organ at the age of seven. Nine years later he changed the organ to guitar. In 1986 he joined the band Jeanne D’Arc, later renamed to The Ragglers. Since then he´s been working as a professional musician in different kind of constellations all over Sweden. Most of the time together with his friend and playmate Anders Högdahl. Together they´re performing as the cover band Andersson & Högdahl.  Beside his music career, today Uffe runs the restaurant Nellie’s Place in north Bohuslän, close to the border to Norway.

Uffe and I became friends in the 80’s when I met him and the band Jeanne D’Arc. At that time I was mixing the sound at all kinds of concerts, for example Rock of Bohuslän which was a music contest there Jeanne D’Arc won.

Uffe with his amazing voice, dedicated personality and great experience in the music industry match perfectly both my softer ballads as well as the harder stuff.

03. Andreas “Habo” Johansson


Andreas “Habo” Johansson was born in 1973 in Habo, Sweden. He started playing drums at the age of six and moved to Stockholm in 1994 to study drums and percussion at Royal College of Music.

He started his professional career in Anders Widmarks jazz trio 1995 and since then he´s been working as a session drummer/percussionist in various styles with many of Sweden´s most famous artists such as E-type, Magnus Uggla, Carola. His passion for metal music has been following him since he heard Kiss for the first time in his early teens. Touring and recording with US singer Rob Rock, a member of the band Narnia since 1996 and since 2015 also a member of the band Royal Hunt.

Andreas has also been playing percussion on various TV shows such as Allsång på Skansen and Let´s dance, Sweden.

When I started plan the album Relentless our mutual friend Fredrik Hultman introduced and recommended Andreas to me as a perfect drummer for my project. Andreas skills and way to play fits like a glove for the songs and I am very proud to have him as a drummer, friend and a member of the projectband Manhood inc.

04. Lyrics

1. Prelude (to whatever it takes)

2. Whatever it takes
I’m haunted in my dreams / It tears me apart / and keeps me contained and controlled / Can’t find the key / To unchain my aching heart / And fight my way out of this hole / Knowing every time / You’ll try to tie me down / You’ll never ever break me down again / You’ll never find / The way to read my mind / and never I’ll go down in vain / Whatever it takes, It’s worth the sacrifices / Whatever the stakes, It’s all worth the gain / Whatever it takes, It’s worth my expenses / Whatever the stakes, It’s all worth the pain / I’m wasted and worn / Wounded by the thorns / Tired of the sadness in my soul / The fights have been fought / In never ending wars / Torn between love and hate inside / Now it’s not forever / I’ll always find my way / Every time I’ll fall I’ll rise again / Knowing I’ll never ever / Follow and obey / Tomorrow will never be the same

3. Relentless
Should have seen it coming, seen the burden I`ve become / Should have seen you´re only driven by your needs / All our ties are broken, I won´t miss you when you´re gone / I´ll never be the one you want me to be / Looking back in anger is just a waste of time / I won´t embrace all the lies anymore, no no / Relentless, your efforts were in vain / I´ll never give my heart, my soul to you / Relentless, I will always stand the pain / You threw it all away; you let it fall to pieces here today / Should have seen it coming, seen it coming to an end / Should have seen you´re leaving long ago ( You burning all the bridges, again and again / I´ll never take your calls anymore

4. Here I stand
Just another day, I wake up and I pray / no more nights without the touch of your hands / Longing for a kiss, I feel crazy and blizz / go down on me and I´ll be your man / I´ve been searching for thruth, searching for answers that nobody knows how to find / Still having faith, trust in some way / knowing that you´ll be close to my heart / And always be around / Here I stand, the lost angel from heaven / Here I stand, the lost devil from hell / Here I stand, the lost pirate from the seven seas / I’ m the last man standing / I’m standing here for you, for you / Looking for danger, to release all my anger / I´m fighting for love in my life / Want you to be, closer to me / I´m drowning in our eyes / I still believe, that your love set me free / your hands will be healing my soul / Night after night, day after day / We will be lovers for all our time / nothing will stand in our way

5. I´m god
You split your lip and think you´re hip / You know you gonna fall / Say you´ll stay all the way, think you´re in control / You claim to know me, you know damn well / You don´t know me at all / I´m God, you´re not going to my heaven / I´m God, you´re not rule by my side / I´m God, you´re not gonna be forgiven / Don´t you ever dare to question my holy state / I´m God / Try to hide your ignorance / the truth will never fail / See your mission in a glance / Searching for the Holy Grail

6. Peace of mind
You ask if I´m leaving, if I´m gone / Nothing could be more wrong / I wanna be by myself for a while / When every night and day keep spinning around / All I want to find is a peace of mind / I wanna be with you, making love / I wanna wake up with you / But I´m to fragile right now / When every night and day keep spinning around 7 All I want to find is a peace of mind / Longing for a sound of silence, just a moment in time / I need a place of my own and then I´m coming back again / I´ll never leave you but tonight / I need a time on my own, / and to be alone for a while

7. On the top of the world
You’re trying ev’ry day, To find a better way striving to be a better man / You’re a sucker in achiving, but still believing, doing the best you ever can / You’ve carried all your life, This feeling inside That you’re never ever good enough / Know it’s not true, now it’s up to you show the liars who you really are / Every time you’re standing alone / On the top of the world / Every time you’re on your own / On the top of the world / Every time you’re where you belong / On the top of the world / And every time you’re falling down you always rise again / To the top of the world / You’ve heard it all before, Just try to ignore not let it all tear you apart / You’re standing unafraid, In their masquerade Don’t ever let them crack your heart / Every time you’re standing… / Cause every time you will find You’re stronger every day On the top of the world / A gladiator in a suit, unlimited pursuit, don’t let the past affect your mind / Keep your self esteem, And live all your dreams / Leave the past behind

8. Makeup6
I know, you know it´s time for us to end it / No lies or denials, no pretending / I know, you know this time we have to make it / No more pride or defense, no use to hide it / I´m addicted to you / You´re addicted to me / We´re addicted to love / I want it, I need it / Going down, having makeup sex / I´ll do you, I´ll please you / Nothing less, just makeup sex / No more break ups, no more fights / We´ll gonna makeup tonight, having makeup sex / I know, you know it´s time for us to break it / No more to stay, nothing´s unspoken / I know, you know this time we have to take it / No ties, no promise´s broken

9. I
There was a time when people around me just passed me by / Couldn´t care less, life was a mess, suddenly I saw the sign / Don´t claim to know me / but you know damn well / Afraid I´ll always be / the chosen one from hell / I, I´m feeling so alive / It´s finally my time / Now I see you, I see through you, see the true you / I, I´m feeling so alive / before I lose my mind / I´ll unchaines me, before I´ll stainds me / All ties that binds / I wanna be loved, tired of being lonely, echoes in my heart / Trying so hard to find the one and only, my kind of art / Hiding in the shadows, searching for the light

10. Man up!
Will anybody wonder /when I’m six feet under / what the hell was going on / When I fought my fears / cried a six-pack of tears / It ached in to the bone / I was shouting in silence / felt so much violence / Anger filled my eyes / I couldn’t take your touch / all kindness was too much / my world was filled with your lies / Man up! I´m standing in front of you / Man up! Whatever it takes me to do / I´m rising above everything you want me to be / Man up! I´m ready to sacrifice / Man up! And cracking up all of your lies / One of these days you´ll be down on your knees for me / Don´t pity me at all / I’m still standing tall / I’m still a friend of life / Hiding in my cave / trying to save / myself, on an edge of a knife / Life’s running in my veins / Pumping up my strength / Nothing’s gonna tear me down

11. Why do you care
We´ve been lovers for a long, long time / Even if we´ve now and then been apart / Now I know you´ll never be mine / You´ll always own a piece of my heart / Why do you care ´bout me / When you don’t care ´bout what I say / And why do you do me / When you know my heart’s gonna ache / And why do you kiss me / When you know I’ll walk away / From you /Oh, I love the way you walk, the way you talk to me / You´ll always turn me on / But why do I have to break me free / when I know I´ll miss you when you´re gone / Why do you care … / Damn the ties that bind / It´ll never die

12. My home
Once my life was withered and fading away / I knew in my heart and my soul that I couldn’t stay / Everything around was lost and falling apart / I knew I have to search for a brand new start, a brand new start / So now I’m on my way / To my home / I’ve been gone for so long / I’ve been on my own now I know / I’m right where I belong / In my home, my home / All the pain and fears / all the six pack of tears / Now are gone / I’m back where I belong / I’ve licked my wounds and healed my aching heart / I’ve paid my dues and learned my lesson hard / No one can ever say I didn’t care / Now when I’m back / I’ll take you there /Yeah, I’ll take you there / To my home, my home.. / ..Now all gone / Right here I will be strong

13. Leave me alone
There was a time / when I was innocent / Couldn´t believe my life could be different / Nothing could hurt me / I was unafraid / I never stopped and opened my eyes / before it was too late / Ghosts of days gone by / the shadows from the past / tried to haunt me down / but I raised above at last / Leave me alone / get out of my life / I will find my way, no longer obey / you will never do me right / Leave me alone / get out of my sight / I will never do what pleases you, / I will always take the fight / Searching for danger / for my restless heart / Felt so much anger and hate, I was falling apart / You told me you´re the only one / who believed in me / Now I know I had to go / ´cause you´d never set me free / there´s no ghosts in my head / just shadows in my mind / and the scares in my soul / just remind me ´bout my life

14. I`m all in
We´ve been lovers for a long time, baby / You know you own my heart / And now it´s a wine time, baby / We´ll never be apart / `Cause I’m all in / I´ll bleed for you, I´ll cry for you / I’m all in, right now / I’m all in / I´ll kneel for you, I´ll die for you / I´m all in, now / Wanna taste your sweet tongue, baby / Feel the beat of your heart / And your soul´s like a tattoo, baby / My kind of art / `Cause I’m all in.. / I wanna swim in your ocean, baby / Drown in your eyes / Feel the heat of your body, baby / Deep inside / Running for a touchdown, baby / Wanna hear you roam / Feel the need, and my guns are loaded / ready to explode!

15. Hope
Nothing left to follow? / Nothing left to save? / Living in sorrow? / All the truth slipped away / Don´t close your eyes / there´s something beautiful alive / Never let it die / If you feel nothing matters / And all is set and done / When everything shatters / There´s still hope for everyone / What will change tomorrow? / What will rise today? / Are we craving heroes / Who will ease the pain / If you feel… / If the world is burning / Burning to the ground / When the shelter is lost / There´s still hope for everyone